Rewards of Success ... Walker, the creative entrepreneur
In 1996, the company had moved its headquarters from Sikhumvit 22 to Sldrhumvit 57, the new seven-story office building was constructed. Duing 1996-2011, the company had grown steadily and continuously, it needed to find a new location to support its business expansion again.
By 2012, the company had achieved its aim to finish the new office buiding "Walker Footwear Co., Ltd' which is located at Sukhumvit 8911 Sukhumvit Road. Bang Chak, Prakanong, Bangkok 10260.
The new fully equipped facility in an area of 3,000 Sq.m. can faciitate wellbeing and peaceful atmosphere which is beneficial to society. Situated on the main road right next to BTS Sky Train. Bang Chak Station, the European-style, nine-storey buiding 'WALKER' is prepared for various issues and concerns such as power crisis, global warming, sustainable and self-sufficient energy, technology development, and envionmental conservation. It is designed to reduce climate change, support global sustainability and create quality community within the organization.
The building is surrounded by the vegetable garden, mushroom cottage, herb garden, fish pond, sports field, and much more.
The company is willing to promote Thai industrial progress and improve its competitiveness not only in local market but also the international market. We work in cooperation with The Federation of Thai Industries to push forward economic and social development.
We also give precedence to improve the quality of life in the workplace, support charities and good causes such as donating blood, donating money to the Red Cross, supporting religious activities, subsidizing child care and elderly care foundations, and Prostheses Foundation of HRH the Princess Mother.
Putting peaceful society at the heart of development for sustainable growth of the country and Walker Footwear Co.. Ltd. forever.