For over seven decades, Walker has been synonymous with the high quality leather footwear. 

The story of our success began in the 1940’s when the founders, Mr. Chongsathivathana and his wife started a small business on Yaowaraj road under the “Camel” brand. With their labor of love, they were committed to bring the high quality leather shoes at affordable price to Thais.
Since then our business has continuously expanded. In 1978, “A.A Marketing Co., Ltd” was founded and a new line of shoes under a brand called “A.A” was introduced to the Thai market.

The big breakthrough came in 1985 when Mr. Pichit Chongsathivathana, the second generation of the “Camel” founder recognized a huge potential in the international market and was keen to seize the opportunity. He devoted enormous time and efforts working closely with Thailand’s Department of Export Promotion in order to become a pioneer in Thai shoe export market. According to Mr. Phichit’s vision, “Walker Footwear Co., Ltd” was officially established in 1991.

The tradition of maintaining quality and achieving progress runs in the family. To continue the spirit of his ancestor, Mr. Pichit Chongsathivathana still keeps up the good work. He wishes the world to define “Walker”, as Thailand’s exclusive and practical handmade footwear. Due to its quality and original style, “Walker” has won many awards.

Today we have been in the business for over 70 years. The dedication to bring the best to our customers has driven “Walker” to success in the past and yet we continue to walk forward. “Walker” continuously searches for the finest materials from all over the world and regularly updates its technologies and working processes to ensure that only the finest pairs will fit your feet.

“Quality you can feel”


 Walker, the experienced shoemaker.